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Are Lap Dancers Really Smarter Than the Average Brit?

Many years ago, when I was an undergraduate student, I frequented a local bar with my friends that we liked because it had cheap long-island ice tea. It also happened to have strippers, which none of us paid much attention to. (We really were there just for the cheap drinks.)  That all ended one afternoon when one of the guys in our group looked up in horror as a girl stepped onto the stage; he slunk into his chair and whispered, “That’s my lab partner!”

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Survey: Nevada and Thailand Are Most Promiscuous

Last week we talked about promiscuity and I gave you a chance to take a test to measure what  psychologists  call “sociosexuality”—which I referred to as promiscuity. When you took the test you didn’t get a score but instead found out the country where you would be most at home—based on your sexual proclivities.

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Birth Control Increases Out-of-Marriage Pregnancies

Here is a puzzle: if promiscuity has increased over the past century and if the cause of that increase was really a fall in the risk of pregnancy, then why have out-of-marriage births increased as well?

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Does Sleeping Around Make People Happier?

Sex makes us happy (do I need to cite my source for that?), but how about 1970’s style love-the-one-you’re-with sex? You know the kind of sex that is preceded by fishing around in a bowl at a party for a set of car keys?

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How Promiscuous Are You? Take Our Online Test

This post originally had a fun online test which is not longer available. You can do the post yourself if you want, using the instructions below.

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Do Sexy Profs Get Derailed From the Tenure Track?

A recent article has me worried; apparently there is a penalty associated with being a “sexy” professor.*  Until now, all I had been worried about was that the mother of one of the students in my “Economics of Sex and Love” course would complain that I had taught her progeny how blowjobs are priced—I had no idea that my colleagues might discount my ability based on the fact that I am such a hottie. Well, to be honest, that isn’t such a problem for me.

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Sex in China

For anyone interested in sex and economics, China is fascinating. It takes in 30% of the worldwide pornography revenue,* and prostitution income makes up 8% of its massive GDP**. I’ve just spent two (wonderful) months in China, and while sex and economics had nothing to do with my trip, I was left with one surprising observation: I wondered if the Chinese really ought to have more sex.

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Dollar Drinks and Risky Sex

In December 2007, the city of Halifax decided that it had had enough rowdiness and started to impose minimum drink prices at bars in town bringing an end to dollar drinks in the city. It turns out that these laws might have a secondary beneficial effect, that of lowering risky sex and STI rates in the city. In order for this to be the case all of the following must be true:

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Prostitution Paradox: Regulating Brothels Can Spread Disease

Prostitution, very narrowly defined, is not a criminal act in my country, Canada. If we are in a private home and I want to charge you for sex and no one is else is profiting, the state has nothing to say on that.

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Sexless in the City

Here is a tip for educated women hopelessly looking for love in the city; you are not the only educated woman having a hard time finding a man.

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