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Month: November 2012

An Empirical Response to the “War on Men”

Women are to blame for bringing an end to marriage. The evidence is fairly straightforward; spending more time in school, and earning higher incomes, made women angry and that “pissed off” men; so pissed off, in fact, that they have decided to never marry. Ever.

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Will the economy change now that women are in control of household finances?


Marriage just isn’t what it is used to be. And while that might not be news, there is new research suggesting that changing marriage patterns predict a trend towards more cautious household investment behaviour.

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How to get kids to protect themselves? Help them to teach each other

New research suggests yet another reason why sex education should be taught in the classroom – because teens can learn from each other how to successfully use contraceptive methods.

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Infidelity 101: Why do people cheat?

Last week I spoke to Erin Anderssen at the Globe and Mail writes about the economics behind the Petraeus Affair.

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Should Married Women be Subject to a Higher Tax Rate?

It seems that the underproduction of household goods and services is a significant problem that is so severe  economic researchers have proposed a solution that even they admit is politically incorrect – force married women pay higher income taxes than their husbands. 

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