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What Everyone Gets Wrong About Sex And Economics

Recently, it has become popular to apply basic understanding of supply and demand to the markets for sex and love but much of that analysis is just plain wrong. If you are interested in reading why, you should check out my latest article at Buzzfeed.

Marina Adshade on Lou Dobbs Tonight

Watch the whole interview here.


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Bloomberg News talks about the “Erogenous Economy”

I spoke to Ben Steverman at the Bloomberg News about the economics of sex and love. You can read that interview here.

Wall Street Journal Podcast

This week I chatted with Kelli Grant and Mathew Passy at the Wall Street Journal about the economic changes in the marriage market.

Mother’s Day Spending: Is Commercialization to Blame?

Right behind Christmas and Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day is one of the biggest spending holidays in North America – a trend that is increasing over time. According surveys conducted by National Retail Federation (NRF), the amount consumers expect to spend on their mothers on the second weekend in May has increased from an average of $97.37 in 2003 to $152.52 in 2013; even after controlling for inflation, that is a 20% spending increase in just ten years.

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Why You Should Learn Less In Order To Have More Sex

No one was more surprised than I when my German publisher announced that the title of that version of my book would be Warum man weniger lernen sollte, um mehr Sex zu haben, which, translated into English, is the title of this post. Apparently, if you are German this title is amusing – as evidenced by the two little books doing it “doggy style” on the cover – but I have to admit that it is not a topic that I have ever explored, until today.

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With this iPad I Thee Wed

The Sunday Times asked me how the new markets for sex and love were affecting marriage and divorce. Here are my thoughts in a column in this Sunday’s paper,

Dirty Money: The Economics of Sex and Love

Dirty Money (aka ‘Dollars and Sex’) hits book stores in the UK today! Over the next few days there are many articles appearing in the UK press which I will post on my media page.

Why Settle for a Princeton Man?

A few weeks ago the Wall Street Journal asked me to comment on where marriage is heading in the future as the result of economic forces. You can read the piece I wrote for them here.


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