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Five Ways the Government Affects your Sex Life

Buzzfeed asked me if the outcome of the current budget debates in the US will affect people’s sex lives – you can see that article along with some very cool graphics here.

Men’s Health Asks: Can a better understanding of economics help your sex life?

The answer is “yes”! You can read that article here.

Chatelaine Interview

Chatelaine magazine spoke to me this week about happiness in marriage. You can read the full interview here.

CBC Ontario Today

Yesterday on Ontario Today, callers had a chance to phone in and talk about how economics has influence their sex and love lives. You can listen to the full hour here.

The Rush on Shaw TV at the Vancouver Museum

Last week I had a great time on The Rush talking about my course, my blog and how I ended up writing a book on the economics of sex and love. You can watch that interview here on You Tube.

Dollars and Sex in the Media

There’s so much talk about Dollars and Sex in the media this week it is hard to keep up with it all! Please check out my media page for the lastest in TV, radio and print.

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