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On Valentine’s Day, forget the roses and read the signals

If you are wondering this week what, exactly, is the purpose of Valentine’s Day then I have the answer for you. The purpose of Valentine’s Day is to assure your romantic partner that all the time and energy that he or she is investing into your relationship is not being wasted, and to give them enough confidence to continue investing in your relationship into the future.

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  1. Good article. I really enjoyed reading it. I get your point, gestures are a safety net for our mental sanity. We all feel like we give, and we give, and that goes unnoticed. What we receive, in turn, may also go unnoticed, or it may simply not be there. So, a safety net is always something to be thankful for.

    “Grand gestures” mean something different to everyone. For example, I’m a person used to share her feelings with my partner as a rule of thumb, so I’m used to sharing more than my them. When a silent partner comes out of his shell and starts sharing, that means more to me than any huge teddy bear ever will.

    My advice is to always try and communicate how you feel. Make a conscious effort of telling your partner how you feel with them. Whether you’re happy or not, this will either simplify the situation when in a breaking point or reassure that you guys are fine and boost your confidence as a couple. Honest communication is key!

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