Days after the media broke the scandal now known as the “Petraeus Affair” in 2012, professors at the University of Michigan projected pictures in their classrooms of General David Petraeus’ posing separately with his wife of 38 years and of his much younger lover, Paula Broadwell, and asked their students to rate statements like: “I don’t blame General Petraeus for having an affair”, “General Petraeus was a victim of his circumstances”, and “It is unrealistic to expect powerful men to remain faithful.” 

What first appeared as a questionable classroom exercise reemerged last week as an academic article that wants us to believe that there is an evolutionary argument to be made for sympathizing with powerful men who have affairs with younger women.

I see this as part of a disturbing trend in evolutionary psychology away from trying to simply describe how humans do behave toward making a case for how humans should behave.

You can see my article on that at The Daily Beast.