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How Sex Robots Could Revolutionize Marriage—for the Better

Slate has published an abridged version of my chapter from Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications. You can read that here!  

The Next Hundred Years

We asked researchers to transport themselves into the future. Here’s what Dr. Marina Adshade from the Vancouver School of Economics at UBC had to say. “My sense today is that we are slowly moving towards a build-your-own-marriage system, in which there is no universal concept of what is a marriage.”

Will marriages become short term contracts? An interview with Economist Marina Adshade (in Polish)

I spoke with the Polish newspaper Forsal earlier the month about my work on the economics of sex and love. I have included the cover of the Polish version of my book, just for fun. You can see this interview here.  

Sex and Love 2.0

How will the rise of robots affect modern marriage?

New parents need flexible workplaces. Did the budget deliver?

The most important step toward solving the problem of gender inequality is not, as many believe, creating a society in which women behave more like men but rather a society in which men behave more like women. The new parental-leave policies announced in yesterday’s federal budget may give Canadian men a much-needed nudge in that […]

Dating for Opinionated Women

Beyond Consenting, Women Actually Want to Enjoy Sex (with Neil McArthur)

The long-held idea that women ‘give’ sex to men to get something else is thankfully on its way out. But the belief still persists, as is evident in exchanges like the one that took place between Aziz Ansari and an anonymous woman who told her story this week. What if, instead of treating a woman like a passive […]

Governments should fund birth control, as they do HIV prevention (with Niko Bell)

Sixty-one per cent of Canadian women have had an unintended pregnancy, notes a study by Canada’s Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Government policy is to blame.

Modern Love is All-Consuming