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Canadian Business Magazine Reviews Dollars and Sex

A great review for Dollars and Sex by Richard Warnica at Canadian Business Magazine.  You can see the full article here.

Zoomer Book of the Week: Dollars and Sex

Everything Zoomer has made Dollars and Sex it’s book of the week. You can see that article here.

MacLeans Magazine Reviews Dollars and Sex

Katie Englehart at MacLeans Magazine has written a very thoughtful review of Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influences Sex and Love. You can see the full article here.  

Dollars and Sex in the New York Times

I am thrilled to see that economist Robert Frank has written about Dollars and Sex in the New York Times! You can see the whole article here.

Economics of Sex Makes the Cover of the National Post!

In honour of Valentine’s Day, Sarah Boesveld at the National Post takes a look at the contribution economics makes in understanding the more intimate areas of our lives in her great piece: In love and sex, it’s economics — not romance — at the root of major relationship decisions.

Making economics sexy

I have a confession to make. I have a Hollywood agent—or to be more precise, my research has a Hollywood agent. It’s surprising, I know.  As an economist, I don’t see myself sitting on a film set, shouting “No, no, no! Demand shifts to the left and supply shifts to the right!” But at least […]

Infidelity 101: Why do people cheat?

Last week I spoke to Erin Anderssen at the Globe and Mail writes about the economics behind the Petraeus Affair.

Our New Speaker Marina Adshade, on Love and Sex (and Economics Too)

  The Lavin Agency is pleased to welcome our newest speaker, economics professor Dr. Marina Adshade. In her hotly anticipated book, Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influences Sex and Love, due in 2013, Adshade redefines our understanding of human sexuality and relationships through an unexpected economic framework. See the full interview here.  

Legalizing brothels doesn’t pay

Sex sells, but does it pay? University of British Columbia economist Marina Adshade says legalizing brothels doesn’t guarantee higher tax revenues and may actually result in increased costs.   See the original article here.  

Interview with Sexlife Canada

You’ve probably never stopped to consider how the price of a drink at your local watering hole affects your sex life. Or ever wondered about the connection between penis size and economic growth. But Dr. Marina Adshade, a macroeconomist at Dalhousie University, and her many students definitely have. According to Dr. Adshade, economics has more to […]