Dollars and Sex in the Media

M. Adshade - 1 May, 2013

There’s so much talk about Dollars and Sex in the media this week it is hard to keep up with it all! Please check out my media page for the lastest in TV, radio and print.

We’re Here, We’re Queer, and We’re Willing to Work for Less

M. Adshade - 6 April, 2013

Two men are observationally identical — same education, same years of experience — and yet one earns 16% less than the other. Why? Because the lower income earning man has, at some point in the last five years, had sex with another man. That might sound like evidence of workplace discrimination, but new research argues that gay men are trading off higher salaries in favor of working in more tolerant firms.

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Dollars and Sex at Psychology Today!

M. Adshade - 5 April, 2013

I am extremely pleased to announce that Dollars and Sex is now being hosted at Psychology Today. I will continue to post my blogs on this page as well, but if you want to join the debate I encourage you to hop over to my new blog.

Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influences Sex and Love

M. Adshade - 26 February, 2013

Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influences Sex and Love hits the shelves in Canadian bookstores today and in New Zealand and Australia tomorrow! Media coverage of the book’s release can been seen on the media page of this site. Readers in the US market will have to wait a few more weeks before they can get a copy and those in the UK will be able to get a copy in May.


Photo credit Mauricio Drelichman, who bought his copy as soon as it hit the shelves.


For the Sexual Revolution we say – Thank you Antibiotics?

M. Adshade - 10 February, 2013

Two years ago, we were out on a busy street when my darling son turned to me and asked loudly “Oh my god Mom! Are you sure you don’t have syphilis?!” I don’t, of course, but apparently after watching an episode of the medical TV series House he had decided that “Are you sure you don’t have syphilis?” was a perfectly good substitute for the expression “Are you crazy?” Needless to say, he has never said it again.

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Do women choose lower pay?

M. Adshade - 28 January, 2013

A few years ago, I attended a graduation ceremony in which the award for academic achievement in every department in the faculty of science was awarded to a woman. At the time, I wondered: if the roles were reversed, would we not be wondering why one group was so over-represented at the top of the class?

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Confessions of a College Pimp

M. Adshade - 28 January, 2013

A few weeks ago, when we were talking about educated lap dancers, I wondered if any of my students were paying their way through school working in the sex trades. At the time I had in mind lap dancers, sex workers, escorts, et cetera. I never imagined that there were students paying their way through school, not by selling their own bodies (that part was easy to imagine), but by selling the bodies of others. Yesterday in my sex and love class we had a guest speaker (via video) who had done just that; he paid for a commerce degree at a Canadian university working as a pimp.

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What explains the surge in ‘sugar baby’ supply?

M. Adshade - 25 January, 2013

Media stories on the sugar daddy / sugar baby phenomena are quick to assume that there’s an economic story behind the rise in this type of arrangement, and in that they are right. The question is; are they telling the right economic story? Are these types of relationships on the rise simply because of poor macroeconomic conditions or is there another story that explains the increase in supply of willing participants?

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A Few Thoughts on Interracial Marriage

M. Adshade - 11 January, 2013

This week’s Pew Center report finding that the rate of interracial marriage in the US continues to rise garnered very little attention presumably because we are all familiar with this trend. I thought, however, it was worth mentioning some points within that report that we should be talking about.

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Is Having a High BMI bad for your Marriage?

M. Adshade - 5 January, 2013

Here we are again at that time of the year when we are encouraged to replace our eggnog with diet shakes and to join some weight loss program or another. One (somewhat annoying) commercial this year features a boney actress swinging her hips erratically while proclaiming, “This program saved my marriage!” Repeated viewing of this ad has led my kids to ask, what kind of man would leave his wife just because she gained a few extra pounds?

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Does Infidelity Really End Relationships?

M. Adshade - 19 December, 2012

When I walked away from my four-year marriage, many years ago, friends and family members wanted to know why I would leave what they had believed to be a happy marriage. That wasn’t an easy question to answer, not for me and especially not for the man I was leaving.

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US Fertility Rates are Falling, and that’s Good News

M. Adshade - 5 December, 2012

There was a collective bi-partisan freak out last week when the Pew Research Center released a report finding that U.S. birth rates hit a record low in 2011. Before doing anything crazy, like implementing social programs the rest of the developed world has enjoyed for decades, I recommend taking a closer look at the numbers to see that really, this is good news.

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Are you Happier than a Porn Star?

M. Adshade - 2 December, 2012

Imagine that I conduced a small study of women who were on a beach one sunny summer day. I split the women into two groups, those who are wearing nothing but string bikini bottoms and those that are wearing one-piece speedos. I tell you that the topless women report feeling more confident, do you then conclude that being topless is good for self-esteem?

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An Empirical Response to the “War on Men”

M. Adshade - 28 November, 2012

Women are to blame for bringing an end to marriage. The evidence is fairly straightforward; spending more time in school, and earning higher incomes, made women angry and that “pissed off” men; so pissed off, in fact, that they have decided to never marry. Ever.

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Will the economy change now that women are in control of household finances?

M. Adshade - 26 November, 2012


Marriage just isn’t what it is used to be. And while that might not be news, there is new research suggesting that changing marriage patterns predict a trend towards more cautious household investment behaviour.

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How to get kids to protect themselves? Help them to teach each other

M. Adshade - 20 November, 2012

New research suggests yet another reason why sex education should be taught in the classroom – because teens can learn from each other how to successfully use contraceptive methods.

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Should Married Women be Subject to a Higher Tax Rate?

M. Adshade - 1 November, 2012

It seems that the underproduction of household goods and services is a significant problem that is so severe  economic researchers have proposed a solution that even they admit is politically incorrect – force married women pay higher income taxes than their husbands. 

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The Secret to a Happy Sex Life? Not a Better Educated Wife

M. Adshade - 25 October, 2012

Looking for a satisfying sex life? According to new research in the Journal of Sex Research, your best bet is to marry someone who is as well-educated, and employed, as yourself. That’s bad news for women (and men) in an era in which equally well-educated partners are hard to find.

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Men are from Mars, Women are from Binders

M. Adshade - 18 October, 2012

The hilarity surrounding Mitt Romney’s now famous “binders full of women” comment aside, the exchange in the US presidential debate this week held some hard truths for women who believe that one day they will earn the same income as their male counterparts.

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Do Long Maternity Leaves Hurt Kids

M. Adshade - 21 September, 2012

In October, newly appointed Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will undertake one of her most ambitious projects yet: she is going to become a mother. Her commitment to take only a few weeks’ maternity leave sparked a media flurry that taught her mothering lesson No. 1—all parental decisions are open to public scrutiny.

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