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More or Less: Why are Lesbians More Likely to Divorce than Gay Men?

BBC’s More or Less wanted to know why 74% of the same sex divorces in the UK are in marriages between two women. I don’t have the complete answer to this question – there is a very serious lack of data. But I have some theories I was happy to share with Tim Harford.

‘Dollars and Sex’ on The Current

I had a great time speaking with Gail Vaz-Oxlade on CBC’s The Current about the financial tensions within marriage. The podcast from that interview can be heard here.

Wall Street Journal Podcast

This week I chatted with Kelli Grant and Mathew Passy at the Wall Street Journal about the economic changes in the marriage market.

CBC Ontario Today

Yesterday on Ontario Today, callers had a chance to phone in and talk about how economics has influence their sex and love lives. You can listen to the full hour here.

Humble and Fred

The whole show is hilarious, but if you are short on time I am in the first hour: introduced at 7 minutes (actually worth listening to!) and the interview starts at around the 40 minute mark.

Marina Adshade on Australian National Radio

Here’s a great interview with Natasha Mitchell at Life Matters, at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


Marina Adshade on NHPR

On Valentine’s Day I had a chat with Virginia Prescott at New Hampshire Public Radio. You can hear that interview here.

Debating Dan Slater on CBC Radio Q

This week I went head-to-head with Dan Slater, author of Love in the Age of Algorithms. Who knew talking about love could be so messy? You can hear that heated exchange here.

Seeking Sugar Daddies

I spoke with Stepahanie Domet this week about the increase in Sugar Baby supply coming from College students. I am not sure how long this link will stay live, but you can find that interview here at CBC Radio’s Mainstreet.

Interview with Dr. Marina Adshade

In this week’s FIRE News podcast is all about sexonomics. Dr. Marina Adshade, an economics professor at Dalhousie University, talks about her work looking at the economics of love and sex, which encompasses analysis of marriage, promiscuity, polygamy, and the cheapest night of the week to hire a prostitute.

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