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Midlife Hits Us All. But It Hits Sex-Starved Singles Hardest

According to new research published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, decreasing life satisfaction over our thirties and into our forties is a nearly universal human experience. There is an antidote to all that unhappiness though: marriage. Multiple studies have shown that people who are married are able to stay much more cheerful through these difficult middle years.

I have a theory about why we see this relationship: sex. Sex makes people happy. Young people have more sex than middle-aged people. And middle-aged people who are married have more sex than those who are single.

For more on this, see my latest in The Daily Beast.

Male Scientists Play ‘Hot or Not’ With Petraeus’ Mistress and Wife

Days after the media broke the scandal now known as the “Petraeus Affair” in 2012, professors at the University of Michigan projected pictures in their classrooms of General David Petraeus’ posing separately with his wife of 38 years and of his much younger lover, Paula Broadwell, and asked their students to rate statements like: “I don’t blame General Petraeus for having an affair”, “General Petraeus was a victim of his circumstances”, and “It is unrealistic to expect powerful men to remain faithful.” 

What first appeared as a questionable classroom exercise reemerged last week as an academic article that wants us to believe that there is an evolutionary argument to be made for sympathizing with powerful men who have affairs with younger women.

I see this as part of a disturbing trend in evolutionary psychology away from trying to simply describe how humans do behave toward making a case for how humans should behave.

You can see my article on that at The Daily Beast.

Does Marriage Really Make Us Healthier and Happier?

On October 25th I organised an event sponsored by the Women’s Health Research Cluster and Faculty of Arts at the University of British Columbia, titled, “Happy Ever After: How marriage impacts our health and happiness.”  I will post the entire event when the audio becomes available, but in the meantime, my talk is available at The Institute of Family Studies published my talk here:

Infidelity 101: Why do people cheat?

Last week I spoke to Erin Anderssen at the Globe and Mail writes about the economics behind the Petraeus Affair.

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Should Married Women be Subject to a Higher Tax Rate?

It seems that the underproduction of household goods and services is a significant problem that is so severe  economic researchers have proposed a solution that even they admit is politically incorrect – force married women pay higher income taxes than their husbands. 

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The Secret to a Happy Sex Life? Not a Better Educated Wife

Looking for a satisfying sex life? According to new research in the Journal of Sex Research, your best bet is to marry someone who is as well-educated, and employed, as yourself. That’s bad news for women (and men) in an era in which equally well-educated partners are hard to find.

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Men are from Mars, Women are from Binders

The hilarity surrounding Mitt Romney’s now famous “binders full of women” comment aside, the exchange in the US presidential debate this week held some hard truths for women who believe that one day they will earn the same income as their male counterparts.

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