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Is there buyer’s market for older men?

Back in October, Mose Znaimer invited me to come and speak at the Zoomer Life Conference. I though that this was the perfect opportunity to talk about a subject I have been curious about for a long time – How is is that older women are perpetually sold this idea that they have no value on the dating market?  You can see the video of that talk here.

Markets for Sex and Love at IdeaCity

Last June, I had the huge privilege to speak at ideacity in Toronto. You can see that talk, along with dozens of other wonder speakers, on the ideacity website here.

Photo Credit: Gene Driskell

Forget the Lipstick Index, what about lubricant, sex toys?

I had a great talk with Michael Hainsworth at BNN about what lubricants can tell us about financial markets, and other topics on the economics of sex and love. You can see that video here.

Marina Adshade on Lou Dobbs Tonight

Watch the whole interview here.

The Rush on Shaw TV at the Vancouver Museum

Last week I had a great time on The Rush talking about my course, my blog and how I ended up writing a book on the economics of sex and love. You can watch that interview here on You Tube.

Think before you Grab Those Ivy League Hunks

In anticipation of my article coming out in the Wall Street Journal tomorrow, I spoke today with Kelsey Hubbard at Lunch Break, on the Wall Street Journal’s Digital TV. You can see that interview here.

Interview with Canada AM

I dropped by the Canada AM studios last week to talk with Marci Ien about Dollars and Sex. You can see that interview here.


Marina Adshade on CTV News

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