Dr. Marina Adshade is a faculty member at the Vancouver School of Economics at the University of British Columbia. Her unique approach to understanding sex and love applies a mix of economic, sociological, biological, and psychological theories and evidence to wide range of social issues and questions of human intimacy. Her latest research explores the ways in which the digital revolution is influencing our most intimate relationships, and how those relationships are likely to evolve in the future as a result of accelerating technological change.

Marina is an experienced writer, commentator, and keynote speaker. Her book, Dollars and Sex: How economics influences sex and love, has been published in ten different languages and is available in bookstores around the globe. Her latest published work, a chapter in Robot Sex: The ethical and social implications, was debated in the international media and has been adapted for publication in Slate Magazine. She is set to bring her expertise to Robert Downey Jr’s new Red Tube series ‘Age of AI’.

Marina has published over sixty opinion pieces and feature articles in the Wall Street Journal, Sunday Times (UK), Daily Mail (UK), Globe and Mail, Time Magazine, Psychology Today, and Buzzfeed. Her work has been featured in countless publications, including the New York Times, the Guardian, The Economist, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and GQ. In her presentations across Europe and North America she has introduced audiences to new ways of thinking about sex and love. Her TEDx talk, originally titled “Your mother is NOT a whore” has inspired audiences to think differently about the female sex drive.

You can find Marina on Twitter @MarinaAdshade.

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