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Hotness Only Pays for Old, Male Profs

For years I have been one puzzled by one observation, when it comes to the men I know in my profession (economics professors): The rating that students give them on the website as to whether they are hot (or not) has little correlation with own my personal assessment of their hotness.

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The Realm of Hammered, Horizontal Academics

Most university graduates are happy to have their senior honors thesis behind them. None more though than a recent Duke University student whose “mock” honors thesis, chronicling her drunken sexual exploits over her last two years of college, isn’t likely to be forgotten any time soon.

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Do Sexy Profs Get Derailed From the Tenure Track?

A recent article has me worried; apparently there is a penalty associated with being a “sexy” professor.*  Until now, all I had been worried about was that the mother of one of the students in my “Economics of Sex and Love” course would complain that I had taught her progeny how blowjobs are priced—I had no idea that my colleagues might discount my ability based on the fact that I am such a hottie. Well, to be honest, that isn’t such a problem for me.

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