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Short Men Can Look Forward to Having Younger Wives

Women care about height and for many short men who are looking for a wife that means either settling for one who is less attractive or not finding one at all.  There is a silver lining though: a short man who is able to establish himself economically could very well find that later in life he has a younger wife than his taller friends.

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Does Size Really Matter in Interethnic Marriage?

My friends think it odd that when it comes to looking for a man I don’t really care about finding one who is tall. Sure, I understand that there is a biological incentive for women to find a tall mate. But since my current survival does not depend on having a man who can scale a cliff face in pursuit of an antelope on my behalf, I am perfectly happy to consider dating shorter men. I also understand that when removing a constraint on a system (such as “I will only date a man who is at least X feet tall”) the outcome must be at least as efficient, so it’s not possible for me to be worse off by making this decision. Call it Le Chatelier’s principle as applied to dating and marriage.

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