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Month: January 2011

Where Should Sex Offenders Live?

Here in my country, Canada, is it impossible to find out how many sex offenders live in my community. I would like to know but, officially at least, it is none of my business. I do know that there are just over 400 sex offenders in my province of under one million people and about 16,300 nationally. That works out to about 48 sex offenders per hundred thousand people in the population.

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The Death of Monogamy, Greatly Exaggerated

USA Today posted an article on Saturday with the headline “Young Couples Often Disagree about Monogamy” in which they assert:

Many young American couples can’t agree on whether they’ve decided to have sex only with each other, a new study shows.

Oregon State University researchers analyzed data collected from 434 heterosexual married and non-married couples, aged 18 to 25. In 40% of those couples, one partner said the couple had agreed to be monogamous while the other partner said there was no such deal.

My response to this claim is simply “Sigh”.

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MTV’s ’16 and Pregnant’ Gets No Credit for Declining Teen Birth Rates

Last month, when the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported the birth rate of teenage girls had fallen by 6% between 2008 and 2009, MTV issued a press release claiming the show ‘16 and Pregnant’ contributed to the decline.  Does MTV truly deserve credit for that?

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Gaining Favour with Sex Worker Bribes

One of my favourite quotes of all time takes place a deleted scene from the movie “The Producers” called “The King of Broadway,” in which Max Bialystock (played by Nathan Lane ) shares the advice given to him by his mentor the great Boris Tomaschevski on his death bed. He said:

“…when you’re down and out, and everybody thinks you’re finished, that’s the time to stand up on your two feet and shout, ‘Who do you have to FUCK to get a break in this stinking town?!'”

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Paying Off Government Debt on the Backs of the Workers (Literally)

The global financial crisis emptied the pockets of European governments. Although the Netherlands had it easy compared to some of its neighbors, the government still ran a deficit of 6% of GDP last year. Now the Dutch are trying to balance their budget by 2015 and one way they hope to increase revenue is by sending tax collectors into the Amsterdam’s famous red light district to get their pound of flesh, so to speak.

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Unplanned Pregnancies Are a Global Issue

Sometimes I find myself feeling sorry for Thomas Robert Malthus. You remember Malthus, he was the one who argued that humanity was destined to remain in poverty because every time their standard of living improved families simply responded by having more children. It wasn’t that Malthus didn’t like children. He just didn’t like the children of the poor, and at the time he was writing (late eighteenth century) the poor in England were many.

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Cross-Cultural Marriage Is Satisfying Only in (Trade) Theory

I really need a housekeeper. I love to cook, and throw a mean dinner party—but other than that, housework is not exactly my specialty. Of course, if I were married to a man who was more productive than me at home, and less productive than me in the waged workforce, then I wouldn’t need to hire a housekeeper. And, in theory at least, we would both be much happier together than apart.

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Do Mail-Order Brides Make “Good Wives?”

By now most of us have seen the 1950’s “The Good Wife’s Guide“—the one that tells women that a “Good Wife” is one who acknowledges her husband as master of the house and never questions his authority. The guide is probably a fake that was intended to mock the household dynamics of the post-war generation by imagining a (fictional) era of submissive wives. Did you know, though, that in recent years “The Good Wife’s Guide” has taken on a whole new purpose? It is being used as a manifesto for international marriage brokers aiming to convince American men that they deserve obedient wives and that the (again, fictional) 1950s wife can be found in a foreign country.

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