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Interview with Canada AM

I dropped by the Canada AM studios last week to talk with Marci Ien about Dollars and Sex. You can see that interview here.



The Vancouver Sun Fails to see the Romance in Dollars and Sex


Dollars and Sex at Psychology Today!


  1. Nooshin

    Hi Marina,

    Awesome book! I saw the article in the Province, bought it a book a couple of day after release and read it in six day. Although I agreed with everything you said and so much resonated, I found myself on the disadvantaged side with each stat and felt depressed after reading the book to the point I wished I hadn’t read about those stats. I am ok now. I am nearly forty, single, female, brunette, petite, never married and no kids, bachelor’s degree, $42,000 income, own a condo. I have tried everything to find lasting love. In spite of learning about the stats of the current marriage market, I have decided to move on and live as though I might always be single.

    North Vancouver, BC

  2. M. Adshade

    Hi Nooshin,

    I am not sure what stats in the book you found so discouraging. It sounds to me like you should be a having a great market! Perhaps, it is the stats on your probability of finding a man who is equally well educated as yourself, but you know there is a solution to that problem other than staying single, right?

    So glad that you like the book and took the time to write!


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