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Legalizing brothels doesn’t pay

Sex sells, but does it pay? University of British Columbia economist Marina Adshade says legalizing brothels doesn’t guarantee higher tax revenues and may actually result in increased costs.


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Interview with Sexlife Canada

You’ve probably never stopped to consider how the price of a drink at your local watering hole affects your sex life. Or ever wondered about the connection between penis size and economic growth. But Dr. Marina Adshade, a macroeconomist at Dalhousie University, and her many students definitely have. According to Dr. Adshade, economics has more to do with love and sex that most of us recognize.

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First university ‘sexonomics’ course arouses massive interest …

A university is offering a course on ‘sexonomics’.

Where economics is usually about the value of the pound versus the dollar, stocks and mortgages – but now it is about sex.

After Freakonomics, the cult best-seller which examined the economics of life, comes a university course in Sexonomics, an economic analysis of sex.

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