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Homosexuality Is More Prevalent Than We Might Have Thought

Would you be happy to have an openly lesbian, gay, or bisexual manager at work? Do you think someone who is homosexual can change their sexual orientation if they choose to do so? Do you believe it should be illegal to discriminate in hiring based on someone’s sexual orientation?

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The Economics of Slut Shaming

Can slut shaming be explained in an economic model? A recent article by Andrea Cassillo in The Ümlaut argues that it can; and I agree. The article raises many good points. But it seems to me that an economic explanation for slut-shaming that is entirely dependent on the assumption that women are, by nature, less sexual than men is (with all due respect) entirely the wrong way to approach the economic story.

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Economics of Sex Makes the Cover of the National Post!

In honour of Valentine’s Day, Sarah Boesveld at the National Post takes a look at the contribution economics makes in understanding the more intimate areas of our lives in her great piece: In love and sex, it’s economics — not romance — at the root of major relationship decisions.

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